To make the Invisible Visible (TIV) - Network building in relation to didactics into school-age educare

Children playing outside.

By establishing and developing an international research network, the aim of the projects is to build up a comprehensive knowledge base and thereby strengthen research in the field of school-age educare with a focus on didactic issues. 

Around the world, different forms of extended education are emerging to contribute to pupils' learning and to complement traditional school education.

Didactics as a theoretical basis and field of research is self-evident in many disciplines, which is not the case in relation to school-age educare. Therefore, the aim of this network is to:

  • together with researchers in Sweden, Australia and Switzerland, to examine and compare the situation in our respective countries in order to describe the common and distinctive features.
  • to create a more comprehensive network of international researchers and experts who, on the basis of proven experience and empirical grounds, shed light on the concept of didactics in leisure time education in order to conceptualize a theoretically sustainable didactic basis.

Different phases of the project

In the first phase of the project, data will be collected through previous research, official statistics, policy documents and interviews with policy actors. In phase 2, we will collect empirical data in the three countries from actors in the field, teachers and headmasters in school-age educare, on how they view the concept of didactics in school-age educare and in corresponding activities in each country, and also observe how didactics can take shape in different situations in the after-school setting. In relation to this, a special gender perspective will be established. With a bottom-up perspective, the empirical data will be analysed with both qualitative and quantitative methods in the three countries and also comparatively.

An important hub will be the network meetings that take place both digitally and physically together and in each country. The project will end with an international dissemination workshop.


Members of the network

Lena Boström, Professor, Mid University Sweden

Griffith University, Australien

Pädagogische Hochschule, PH, Zürich, Schweiz

ZWAH University, Winterthur, Schweiz