Wireless Optimization and Analytics

Skylt med "Wi-Fi zone"

The research develops new models, concepts, and solution algorithms for performance optimization in wireless networking and data analytics. 

The advancement of smart devices equipped with sensing, computing, and communication capabilities has led to a wide range of latency-sensitive applications that require efficient and automated operation through wireless connectivity but without direct and pervasive human supervision. We explore new performance engineering approaches that are tailored for these emerging cyber-physical systems and IoT applications.

To this end, the research addresses mathematical modelling, analytical analysis, and efficient algorithms for network planning and configuration, resource allocation, and performance evaluation, with objective ranging from resource efficiency, quality of service, energy consumption, to timeliness and semantics. research also aims at applying optimization as a tool for: 


  1. Analyzing performance limits in wireless networking, and 
  2. deriving data analytics and customized machine learning algorithms.

Examples of projects:


  • Ericsson
  • Combitech
  • ELLIIT research excellence center
  • Swerock
  • Heidelberg Materials
  • Peab