B-prepared. Illustration generated with AI Technology.
B-prepared. Illustration generated with AI Technology.
In the wake of recent catastrophic events, such as the 2021 flood in Germany or the forest fires and earthquakes in 2023, it has become abundantly clear that even the most advanced alert systems and first responder organizations cannot entirely avert fatalities and property damage. To address this issue, it's crucial to empower citizens with the knowledge and skills needed to act and react effectively during disaster situations and crises, comprehend alerts, and follow instructions. Launched on October 1st, 2023, the Horizon Europe project, B-PREPARED, aims to deliver a cost-effective solution for building a culture of disaster preparedness with a multi-actor approach in realistic historical scenarios. Enter B-PREPARED, an innovative and cost-effective solution that aims to cultivate a culture of disaster preparedness through a multi-actor approach using realistic historical scenarios. B-PREPARED Horizon Europe is a vital resource designed to equip citizens of all ages with essential preparedness strategies. Beyond relying solely on sophisticated alert systems and rapid response units, this initiative aims to educate and empower communities facing adversity. B-PREPARED introduces three integral components: a simulated game environment to train for emergencies, an inclusive mobile application catering to diverse needs, and an educational platform facilitating skill development and readiness assessment.
B-prepared2. Illustration generated with AI Technology.
Illustration generated with AI Technology.

B-prepared2. Illustration generated with AI Technology.
Illustration generated with AI Technology.

The development of the B-PREPARED solution enables players to assume different roles in solving puzzle tasks within an immersive experience. Emphasizing team play, collaboration, and communication as keys to survival, B-PREPARED strengthens a culture of mutual assistance and cooperation during challenging situations. The privacy-preserving logging of player behavior and gameplay serves a dual purpose: assessing preparedness and contributing to collective research in the field. A large-scale virtual reality hackathon series will showcase B-PREPARED's outcomes, and the Consortium aims to make the open beta publicly available as a giveaway, inviting stakeholders through direct outreach. Post-beta, the game transitions to a non-profit freemium model, replacing in-game purchases with donations for relief organizations, with a small percentage allocated to maintenance and further development. Despite its engaging nature, B-PREPARED serves a profound purpose, fostering safety skills through interactive problem-solving scenarios. Data collected enhances our understanding of readiness, contributing to collective preparedness research. B-PREPARED invites citizens to engage, offering forthcoming events and a complimentary trial period, with participation translating into support for humanitarian causes, fostering a cycle of preparedness and resilience.


B-prepared4. Illustration generated with AI Technology.
Illustration generated with AI Technology.
The platform's features will be unveiled through an expansive virtual reality hackathon series, providing a glimpse of its transformative capabilities. The open beta, available as a giveaway, will encourage stakeholders to directly experience the platform. Following this, B-PREPARED will transition to a non-profit freemium model, channeling in-game purchases into donations for relief organizations, supporting maintenance and further development. This transition showcases B-PREPARED commitment to accessibility and humanitarian efforts.


Demonstrator applications

At its core, B-PREPARED creates a collaborative co-creation platform to build and share knowledge about disasters and the means to survive them. This invaluable resource serves as the foundation for three demonstrator applications:

B-prepared5. Illustration generated with AI Technology.
Illustration generated with AI Technology.
  • Cooperative Multiplayer VR Serious Game:
    Providing a remarkably realistic simulation of disaster scenarios, this game delivers a unique near-real experience, emphasizing teamwork, collaboration, and effective communication as indispensable facets of survival.

  • Interactive Gamified Mobile App:
    Tailored with age-appropriate content and enhanced features for diverse needs, this app ensures widespread accessibility. It aims to engage users across demographics, fostering a culture of preparedness on a broad scale.

  • Learning Management System:
    An effective tool for measuring and comparing preparedness levels achieved by users engaging with VR and/or mobile applications. This system offers a unified scale for assessment, enabling users to track their progress.

European multidisciplinary team

B-PREPARED brings together a pan-European multi-disciplinary team of experts from 11 different countries, collaboratively working to meet project expectations over the 36-month timeline. LiU will leverage its technical expertise to contribute across various work packages. B-Prepared represents an innovative and impactful solution that immerses citizens in transformative experiences. The project seeks to redefine disaster preparedness, foster resilience in communities, and actively contribute to humanitarian causes. Its overarching mission is to reshape disaster preparedness and construct safer, more resilient global communities in anticipation of future challenges.



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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under the Grant Agreement No.101121134.