AI in Society Seminar

The seminar offers an interdisciplinary forum for discussing Humanities perspectives on artificial intelligence. We trace the historical fascination with building smart machines and discuss implications that machine learning has on our everyday lives, culture and society. 

RobotIn the future, AI may be used to care for people. Photo credit wonry

This seminar is a reading seminar and we welcome seminar participants to bring thoughts and questions about the texts for each session.

The seminar is currently led by Hannah Pelikan, PhD student in Language and Culture at the Department of Culture and Society (IKOS). It is co-organized by Jesper Olsson (IKOS), Ericka Johnson (Tema) and Katherine Harrison (Tema).

The seminar is mainly directed at researchers who work within the Humanities and is open to anyone who is interested in societal implications of AI. Students are welcome to join the discussions.


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The seminars are held the first Monday of each month, between 13.00 and 15.00.

In preparation to the seminars we will read 1-3 articles. We encourage you to bring questions, ideas and remarks to the seminar for a lively discussion. You will find the articles beneath. The seminars are held in English.

The seminars are held on Zoom, until the situation allows us to meet in real life on Campus Valla. 


October 4: AI, Language & Anthropomorphisation 

Led by Leelo Keevallik & Hannah Pelikan, IKOS, SKI


Dingemanse (2020)

Stokoe et al. (2021) 

Brooker et al. (2019) 


November 1: AI & Culture

Led by Bodil Axelsson, IKOS, KSFM 

Texts: To be announced


December 6: AI & Responsibility

Led by Katherine Harrison, TEMA G 

Text: Madeleine Clare Elish (2019)

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