We provide technical assistance to perform histology on specimens.

Our services include all standard preparation steps from fixation, dehydration, infiltration, embedding in wax, sectioning, cryo sectioning, staining, antigen unmasking and visualization. 

Bring your samples

1st step

2nd step

  • We provide fixatives for the first step
  • Bring you samples
  • We proceed to the histological sample preparation

3rd step

  • Results
  • Billing

Equipment of the histology lab 

Histology lab is consisted of new and automated equipment.

Tissue processor does all specimen preparation steps (fixation, dehydration, infiltration in wax). It has a delay function and the samples can run overnight, which.

Hot and cold embedding station has a delay function and can be synchronized with the tissue processor.

Automated rotary microtome with a cool cut block holder and a water flow system that brings the sections in a worm water bath attached to the microtome.

Automated linear stainer suitable for Hematoxyline –Heosin staining.

PT Link - antigen retrieval for unmasking of antigens.

Cryostat for cryo sectioning (sections of μm thickness).


A summary over the equipment that are available at the Histology lab at Core Facility

Histology equpiment is available for free booking to all users. New users should book an introduciton with Maria Ntzouni.


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