Doctoral Studies in Analytical Sociology

The Institute for Analytical Sociology (IAS) is unique in offering the first coherent postgraduate training in Analytical Sociology. The program aims to broaden and deepen the doctoral student's knowledge in the subject of analytical sociology and to make the doctoral student well prepared for independent work in the field.

IAS offers a unique doctoral training program in Analytical Sociology. Our graduate students receive both theoretical and methodological research training by working in close collaboration with some of the worlds’ leading scholars in Analytical Sociology. Graduate students are part of a collegial team of researchers who conduct cutting-edge research on important social, political, and cultural matters. We strongly emphasize the importance of students developing their research skills not only through course attendance and thesis work but also through scientific collaborations in research projects, as well as through seminar and conference presentations.

The aim of postgraduate training is for the doctoral student to acquire the ability to independently and critically design and implement a qualified research project and to present and disseminate research results and knowledge nationally and internationally, within and outside academia. During postgraduate training, the doctoral student combines courses in theory and method with independent dissertation work. In total, a doctoral degree consists of 240 hp. This is equivalent to four years of study including three years of dissertation work. Throughout the PhD program the doctoral student is employed with a centrally regulated wage ladder.

PhD students talk about IAS

Some of our graduate students talk about work and life at IAS.

IAS-doktoranden Selcan Mutgan
I have chosen IAS to do my PhD for it's vibrant academic environment and the opportunities it offers to a young researcher who wants to pursue a career in academia. I like that as a PhD candidate, I have great support and guidance from my colleagues and the freedom to study things that I really enjoy.
IAS-doktoranden Alex Giménez de La Prada
IAS is a good place to work in many senses. First and foremost, it is full of competent researchers that are available at any time to solve questions, something which is more than appreciated. We have seminars almost every week, and new events are coming all the time. In regards to Linköping University, the place is very nice and have a modern and perfectly equipped Campus.
IAS-doktoranden Niclas Lovsjö
IAS is a place for exploring human behavior using new technology, which is what I am interested in. I like the fact that IAS is very progressive, that we try to solve classical questions using new methods and techniques. On a more personal level I like the idea of coming from another background, and becoming cross-disciplinary.

General study plan

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