Applying to an international master's programme is not hard and we can guide you through the steps. If you require more help to apply, it is possible to go through an education consultant or agent in your country.
Linköping University has cooperation agreements with several educational consultants outside Europe. Proven track records and accreditations are important features in our selection process.
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Our educational consultants

Linköping University has formal cooperation agreements with the agencies listed below, who are appointed to act as our representatives in their countries.





How to apply by yourself

An agent may help

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If you require more help to apply, it is possible to go through an education consultant or agent in your country. LiU has formal collaborations with some agents outside Europe. They have experience in helping students to apply and knowledge about the Swedish education system.
Applications that have been prepared with the help of an agent are treated in the same way as applications from students who apply independently. It is important to remember that it is only LiU that can admit students to the LiU programmes. An agent cannot guarantee that you will be admitted, nor can an agent guarantee that you will be granted a residence permit in Sweden or gain employment after your studies.

Even if you use the services of an agent, you are ultimately responsible for the application. You must, therefore, log in to your account at University Admissions regularly, since it may contain messages relating to your application.

Marketing and recruitment agreement

Responsibilities and obligations for educational consultants are set in a marketing and recruiting agreement.

Terminology of the agreement: 'Programmes' means all degree programmes offered by Linköping University in the English language; 'Prospective Student' means a person who is interested in or intends to become, or who has taken any steps towards becoming a Student; 'Services' means the services to be provided by the Consultant; 'Student' means a person who is enrolled at Linköping University; 'Territory' means Country or Countries.

Responsibilities and obligations of the consultant 

The Consultant should:

  • promote the Programmes in the Territory in accordance with all
    applicable legislation, including relevant Swedish legislation;
  • find suitable Prospective Students to undertake the Programmes;
  • in accordance with University procedures and requirements, recruit and assist in the recruitment of Students;
  • assist Prospective Students to become students and for that purpose provide all necessary information about the programmes and assistance
    in completing forms or applications and submitting these to the
  • where appropriate, provide information to Prospective Students about English language testing options, or assist Prospective Students to be
    tested in the English language;
  • perform other services and provide reports or information as requested
    by the University or as required hereunder.

In performing the Services, the Consultant should: 

  • act in a professional manner and promote the Programmes with integrity and accuracy and recruit Students in an honest, ethical and responsible manner;
  • inform Prospective Students accurately about the requirements of Programmes, including the requirements for acceptance into Programmes, using only material provided by the University;
  • advise Students of the method of payment of fees and other charges to the University and ensure Students make all fees and charges payable to the University; ensure that information on relevant fees and charges accompany application- and acceptance-of-offer documents;
  • if a Student's visa application is refused, advise the Student that the University will refund the Student's fees;
  • make sure that all necessary documentation accompanies a Prospective Student's application or acceptance of offer;
  • provide the University with market intelligence about the recruitment of Students in the Territory;
  • only partake in such promotional and marketing activities which are expressly authorized by the University;
  • inform all Prospective Students and Students that they are personally responsible for all necessary permits and insurances. 


Obligations of Linköping University 

The University will:

  • provide the Consultant with or help the Consultant to access sufficient information to enable the Consultant to conduct the Services; 
  • help the Consultant to access information about visa requirements and the process of visa application;
  • inform the Consultant of the legal or regulatory conditions for visa requirements and of any changes to those requirements promptly after becoming aware of any such changes;
  • duly process all completed applications received from the Consultant; however, the University is under no obligation to accept any Prospective Students referred by the Consultant.