Health economics and the role of health economic evaluations in health policy is an ever ongoing debate. Several aspects have to be considered in order to provide relevant guidance for decision makers.

There are a lot of questions in the health policy debate and the answers often depend on underlying value judgments (scientific as well as social). How do we conceptualize the much debated threshold value of a QALY? Which judgments are normative (a question of value) and which are scientific (a question of fact)? Are our methods for health economic evaluation in line with our normative value judgments? These are important and exiting questions that we investigate at the Division of Health care Analysis at Linköping University.

Ongoing projects

  • Operationalizing severity if trade-offs have to be made between efficiency (maximizing health) and fairness (distribution of health)
  • Perspective and its implication for health economic evaluation methods
  • Handling of uncertainty and methods to prioritize cost-effective research

Finalized projects

  • Health policy and incentives for pharmaceutical research and development

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