How should screening programs and diagnostic procedures be evaluated? This is researched at the Division of Health Care Analysis.

In order to assess the value of screening programs or diagnostic methods treatment pathways including testing, treatment decisions conditional on test results, as well as effectiveness of implemented treatments have to be considered. Hence, this is a very exiting field well suited for decision-analytic modelling as evidence is often drawn from several sources, and with several methodological challenges.

Ongoing projects

  • Economic evaluation of non-invasive investigation of static and dynamic liver function to assist clinical decision making (the 4LIFE study)
  • Methods development investigating the role of trials and decision-analytic models in economic evaluations of screening programs

Finalized projects

  • Economic evaluation of biomarker in the prioritization of patients waiting for coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery
  • Economic evaluation of screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm

A selection of publications

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H Hemingway, Martin Henriksson, R. Chen, J. Damant, N. Fitzpatrick, K. Abrams, A. Hingorani, Magnus Janzon, M. Shipley, G. Feder, B. Keogh, Ulf Stenestrand, K. McAllister, J-C Kaski, A. Timmis, S. Palmer, M. Sculpher (2010)

Health Technology Assessment , Vol.14 , s.1-178 Continue to DOI


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