Research involving registry data is a growing field generally as well as within health economics, and also a growing research interest at the Division of Health Care Analysis.

 At the Division of Health Care Analysis at Linköping University we are engaged in comparative studies as well as longitudinal follow-up studies that investigate resource use and costs over time for patients with a particular diagnosis. An ongoing research interest is to investigate how to best utilize the wealth of data from our registers as input into health economic evaluations.


Ongoing projects

  • Long-term risks of further cardiovascular events and health care costs after myocardial infarction (the HELICON study)
  • Health care costs in patients with type 2 diabetes (the ROSE study)
  • Treatment patterns and importance of age for the prescription of biological medication
  • The association between quality of life and disease severity in patients with psoriasis

Finalized projects

  • Comparative study investigating health care costs in patients treated with candesartan and losartan



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