International cooperation, a profound ability to attract researchers and students from abroad and internationally competitive education; this is what internationalisation means to us. We are convinced that it is a key factor to success at Linköping University.

Photo credit: David EinarAn international campus

The staff at Linköping University come from a multitude of backgrounds. The possibility for university staff to gain international experience and different perspectives is a most important factor for the university to function in the best possible way and to maintain high quality. The international experiences and perspectives that the teachers bring into their teaching and presence of international students in the classroom enhances our education, the university a dynamic workplace and bring an intercultural character to our campuses. We advertise all academic recruitment in the framework of international competition.

An international environment in a research group is an important factor of successful research and science. The international nature strengthens competitiveness and the ability to attract staff, resources and students. Linköping University boasts a vigorous international research environment that leads to excellent results, fully able to compete with the best in the world.

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LiU becomes partner in New European Bauhaus

Linköping University has become a partner in an EU initiative working with the design of our future forms of living. LiU is a leading academic centre in Sweden for education and research in design.

Petter Krus together with professor Viktor De Negri and professor Xiaoping Ouyang (Zhejiang University, China).

Brazil: More than samba dancing

Brazil is more than samba dancing, football and sun-drenched beaches – and it’s more than rain forests and a controversial president. It’s also a country with important research and many talented scientists. Just ask Petter Krus.

Eleonore von Castelmur in the lab.

Coronavirus spurred research across disciplines

As the corona pandemic swept across the world, virologists and protein chemists rapidly joined forces and started to collaborate. Together they were able to develop ways to test the immune response after infection, and help the healthcare system.

Professional staff training abroad

All staff at Linköping University can apply for professional development and further training abroad to broaden their teaching skills, teach, take language courses, arrange study visits or attend an Erasmus staff week with prearranged programmes on different topics. There are great opportunities for staff members to apply for funding to undertake international visits through the Linköping University partner exchange agreements. The University has 400 partner such agreements with universities in 50 countries.

Lotta Kåvemark, Coordinator, International Office:
- Staff at Linköping University are given the opportunity to apply for funding for training, teaching and work shadowing abroad. They have great opportunities to acquire international perspectives and experiences.

On-site - support to international staff 

We offer support to all international staff. The support includes help to find accommodation and information about schools for accompanying children and information regarding visas, residence/work permits and insurance.

Researcher mobility

EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion is a pan-European initiative delivering information and support services to professional researchers regardless of their career stage. Backed by the European Union and its Member States, the programme supports researcher mobility and career development, while enhancing scientific collaboration between Europe and the world.

EURAXESS web portal

The web portal is a platform for researchers, entrepreneurs, universities and businesses to interact with each other on a global scale. The portal proposes registered users with matching collaboration, job and hosting opportunities and introduces a funding database, where research funding agencies are invited to enter national research funding opportunities.

Platforms and more information about EURAXESS

Online guide and practical hints and tips

Linköping University is an EURAXESS Service Center. The online guide “Welcome to Linköping and our University”  provides information in English regarding accommodation, visas/residence/work permits, population registration, insurance, social security, national health and more. Moreover, it contains information about language courses, schools, nursery daycare and other useful and important links to information about Linköping, Norrköping and Sweden.


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