It goes without saying that we work to ensure the equal value of all, with equal rights and opportunities.

Photo credit Anna NilsenEveryone, with all individual differences, is welcome; everyone is needed. LiU is to be characterised by an inclusive work and study environment in which all co-workers are treated with respect and where the conditions are excellent for working and developing.

We carry out extensive and targeted work to promote equal rights, equal opportunities and equal obligations. We work also to counteract all forms of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, victimisation and exclusion. This work is known by the term Equal Opportunities. Our work with Equal Opportunities is to permeate all operations, and all processes in work and education.

Welcome to LiU! We want you to thrive here and feel safe.

Photo credit Anna Nilsen
An outcome image for our work with fundamental values is a work environment characterised by credibility, trust and security, and unceasing work to combat sexual harassment and other discrimination.
Source: LiU’s presentation of work with fundamental values, 2020

What we do?

We bring a gender perspective to our education

We have established four gender lectureships at LiU, and the holders ensure that a gender perspective is included in education. Part of this work is the development of robust models of teaching theory. Linköping University was the first to create such lectureships: other universities have subsequently followed in our footsteps. The most significant effect of introducing a gender perspective into the study programmes and courses is that it leads to better teaching, since it brings with it knowledge of aspects that affect society in many different ways. Knowledge is also central to the development towards a more equal society at all levels.”
Camilla Forsberg, senior lecturer in the Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning, and holder of one of LiU’s four gender lectureships.

We spread research results and knowledge within gender science

The Forum for Gender Studies and Equality works in a structured manner to organise collaboration and the spread of gender science. It is an arena and meeting place in which to form a productive interface between research and practicality in the field of gender studies and gender equality. More information about the Forum for Gender Studies and Equality

The student unions all have an officer responsible for student support and welfare

Each student union has an officer responsible for student support and welfare. Students who experience any form of abusive treatment can always contact the student support and welfare officer who will help the students and guide them within the university. 

We integrate equal opportunities in all operations

The vice-chancellor has strategic and overall responsibility for equal opportunities at LiU. A group for equal opportunities and gender equality reports to the vice-chancellor. Work with Equal Opportunities is to be integrated into ordinary operational processes and permeate the university. We have advanced expertise in the field of gender studies and equal opportunities; we have committed managers and students have a major influence on the aspects of work with equal opportunities. Work to ensure equal opportunities is for us a precondition to achieving our strategic goals.

Action Plan for Equal Opportunities and Gender Equality 2023