The project “Animerad kemi – det nya lärandet? Animation och digitala verktyg möter NO-ämnets laborativa tradition i de tidiga årens kemiundervisning” [Animated chemistry – the new way of teaching? Animation and digital tools meet the science subject’s laboratory tradition in the early years of chemistry teaching] has been granted funding from the scientific council of the Swedish Institute for Educational Research.

Photo credit: fstop123The money has been awarded to Magnus Hultén (main applicant) and Astrid Berg at the Department of Social and Welfare Studies’ (ISV) research and education environment, Technology and Science Education Research (TESER).

A total of SEK 30.5 million has been allocated to a range of research projects, with TESER receiving SEK 2.5 million.

The two-year project will study the meeting of new forms of expression, techniques and rationalities with lab-based teaching traditions in the early years of science teaching.