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Magnus Hultén


My research interests include theoretical and historical aspects of the content of schooling in relation to science and technology in primary and secondary school. 

History of education and educational policy

My research stretches from science and technology education to educational policy and history of education and is published in journals such as History of Education, Journal of Curriculum Studies, Chemistry Education Research and Practice, and Nordic Journal of Studies in Educational Policy. My latest book, Striden om den goda skolan: Hur kunskapsfrågan enat, splittrat och förandrat svensk skola och skoldebatt (2019), deals with the late-twentieth-century curriculum reforms in Sweden. Two recent publications concern comparative perspectives on Nordic educational policy:

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Magnus Hultén (2024) Mål i skolan
Cornelia Linderoth, Magnus Hultén, Linnéa Stenliden (2024) Competing visions of artificial intelligence in education-A heuristic analysis on sociotechnical imaginaries and problematizations in policy guidelines Policy Futures in Education Continue to DOI
Astrid Berg, Magnus Hultén (2024) Children's emergent mechanistic reasoning in chemistry: a case study about early primary students' reasoning about the phenomenon of thermal expansion of air CHEMISTRY EDUCATION RESEARCH AND PRACTICE, Vol. 25, p. 92-114 Continue to DOI


Johan Boström, Magnus Hultén, Per Gyberg (2023) Who counts?: Legitimate solutions in construction activities in preschool International journal of technology and design education, Vol. 33, p. 1309-1344 Continue to DOI
Kirsten Sivesind, Magnus Hultén (2023) Reform histories and changing educational conceptions of the nation and nationalism in Norwegian and Swedish curricula (1900-2020) Education, Curriculum and Nation-Building: Contributions of Comparative Education to the Understanding of Nations and Nationalism, p. 225-249

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