Inside RF antennaPhoto: Thor Balkhed

The radio frequency (RF) measurement laboratory is beside our EMC laboratory. It is equipped with signal generators, spectrum analyzers, vector network analyzers and oscilloscopes, etc. Comprehensive measurements of either modulated or unmodulated signals can be done. Our RF laboratory in combination with the EMC laboratory can be used to meet a broad range of test and verification requirements, especially for wireless systems. 
The following instruments are available:

  • Network vector analyzer ZVM from Rhode Schwarz (10 MHz - 20 GHz).
  • Spectrum analyzer from Agilent (9 kHz - 26.5 GHz).
  • Vector signal generator from Agilent (250 kHz - 20 GHz).
  • Signal generator SMIQ 06B from Rhode Schwarz (300 kHz - 6.4 GHz).
  • Infinium DCA 86100B mainframe equipped with Agilent 54754 TDR module.
  • Bit error ratio tester Agilent ParBert 81250 (2.7 Gb/s per channel).
  • Digital oscilloscope.