Successful companies with LiU roots

Many companies have their roots in LiU research or are founded by alumni. They span from big world-leading companies like Sectra and IFS to small new niche businesses.



News of companies with LiU roots

Companies with LiU roots

Success stories with LiU roots

Here are some examples of success stories that started out at Linköping University.


Photo credit David Einar NygrenSectra develops medical IT and secure communication. It was founded in 1978 by researchers at Linköping University: Professor Ingemar Ingemarsson and his three doctoral students, Viiveke Fåk, Rolf Blom and Robert Forchheimer. Sectra is strongly oriented towards research and an important collaborative partner of Linköping University. The company sells its products throughout the world.


IFS, a developer of business software, was founded in 1983 by LiU alumni Bengt Nilsson and Manni Svensson.

Teledyne SP Devices

SP Devices develops high performance analogue-to-digital signal processing technology. The company was founded in 2004 by LiU alumni and has its roots in LiU research. Part of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated since 2017.

More companies with a Linköping University background

Many more companies have LiU origins, for example: 
  • Add Bio, nanolayer with a bone strengthening drug on implant
  • Againity, turning waste heat into electric power
  • Agriopt, develops tailored AI solutions for a sustainable use of resources in agriculture
  • Amra, body composition measurements 
  • Arboair, AI-driven image analysis to improve sustainability in forestry
  • Argus Eye, sensor solutions for real-time monitoring of biological systems and processes
  • Biacore, protein interaction analysis, acquired by GE Healthcare
  • BioReperia, is a contract research organization (CRO) that increase the speed for your pre-clinical drug development
  • Boldai, games, acquired by Linden Lab
  • Calluna, ecological consultancy  
  • Chargestorm, charge station solutions for electrical vehicles 
  • Configura, space-planning software
  • Context Vision, medical image enhancement
  • Donya Labs, 3D technology, acquired by Microsoft
  • Edvira, inclusive computer science education
  • Epishine, organic solar cells
  • Glycobond, proprietary carbohydrate-binding reagents for use in diagnostics of liver cancer 
  • Grafren, innovative materials enabled by graphene
  • Graphensic, high-quality epitaxial graphene on silicon carbide 
  • Impact Coatings, surface treatment  
  • Intentia, business software, merged with Lawson Software, then acquired by Infor 
  • Interspectral, 3D visualisation
  • Invisense, moisture sensors for building structures
  • Ixel, virtual immersive experiences, acquired by Dataton 
  • Linkocare, bioengineered cornea  
  • Luna LEC, thin flexible lighting panels
  • Nano Textile Solutions, nanotechnology solutions for a sustainable and circular textile industry
  • Neo4j, graph database
  • Newton Nordic, camera stabilisation
  • Nira Dynamics, tyre pressure monitoring  
  • Norstel, silicone carbide 
  • Oboe IPR, handles patent rights in organic bioelectronics
  • Opibus, electric safari vehicles
  • Optimal Solutions, complex scheduling
  • Perimed, peripheral vascular diagnosis  
  • Pugstorm, game studio
  • S2 Medical, treatments of burns and healing of chronic wounds
  • Seber Medical - AI monitors hard-to-heal wounds
  • Senion, indoor positioning 
  • Sick-IVP, the world’s fastest industrial vision camera, acquired by Sick  
  • Softube, guitar amplifiers 
  • Solar Bora, power to enable growth and empowerment
  • Strawbees, educational toys
  • Swegan, high-performance wide bandgap semiconductors  
  • Synthetic MR, fast MRI workflows  
  • System Identification Toolbox, mathematical models 
  • Visage Technologies, face tracking and animation 
  • Woodeye, quality management within wood processing
  • Worldish, app to cross language barriers in healthcare
  • Xperdi, CAD configurator

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