27 October 2022

The magazine Ny Teknik has listed 33 of this year's best and most promising startups in Sweden, in the yearly "33-listan". Two startups on the list are spin-offs from research done at Linköping University, and IFM. The companies are ArgusEye and Grafren.

Grafren and ArgusEye
Grafren and ArgusEye

ArgusEye has created a sensor system to enable easier monitoring of biological systems and processes.
- There are a lot of innovative startups in Sweden, so the competition is fierce. We are very happy and proud to be on this prestigious list. This means increased exposure for us and we will use it to take the company to the next level, says Erik Martinsson, Co-Founder and CEO of ArgusEye.

Grafren is developing applications for graphene, innovating new uses for the material. For example, Grafren has created fabrics with incorporated graphene, creating electrically conductive lightweight fabrics. The fabrics can for example be heated.
- It's a great honor for us to be selected for "33-listan" by NyTeknik. We are happy that they recognized the potential Grafren has and believed in us. For us it is not only the award, but also a seal of excellence, says Erik Khranovskyy, Founder and CEO of Grafren.

Both companies are sprung from research done at LiU and the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
- We are happy to be born at Linköping University and are grateful to all our colleagues and supervisors who inspired and supported us, says Erik Khranovskyy.

To be a part of "33-listan" also means a lot of new exposure for the two companies.
- This will help us get new customers and partners, and also attract staff and investors for the company, says Erik Martinsson.

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