The research group has had different projects focusing on work and health, and how health is influenced by working conditions, the organization of work and leadership.

Kvinna på kontor pratar i telefon och lyfter ner en bok från bokhyllan.Photo credit: Emma Busk Winquist

In a large prospective study, Leadership and Organization for Health and Production (LOHP), organizational conditions leadership, work environment, health and production was studied in 12 organizations. The study is longitudinal and consists of more than 5000 individuals responding to a survey. 

Another project focuses on the working conditions for emergency physicians and the organization of work in emergency clinics. We also conduct studies on how working conditions relate to possibilities for return to work after sick leave. 

The research group has also written knowledge syntheses for the Swedish Work Environment Authority, about the health effects of lean production, and about the effects and conditions for implementation of work environment legislation. 

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