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Christian Ståhl


I am a sociologist involved in research and teaching on working life and welfare systems.


My research focuses on how people relate to work, and how welfare systems are organised to manage illness and unemployment. I have a specific interest in organisational and political aspects. Research projects focus on sickness insurance, work ability assessments, cooperation, and conditions for return to work after work disability.



Recent publications


Marcus Persson, Christian Ståhl (2024) Sociologiska samtal behövs! Sociologisk forskning, Vol. 61, p. 3-5 Continue to DOI
Christian Ståhl (2024) Institutionalizing suspicion: Tracing the decline of the Swedish sickness insurance system in the 2000's International Journal of Sociology Continue to DOI
Daniel Lundqvist, Cathrine Reineholm, Christian Ståhl, Mattias Hellgren (2024) Occupational health and safety management: managers' organizational conditions and effect on employee well-being International Journal of Workplace Health Management Continue to DOI

Research projects