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Maria Gustavsson is a full professor in education at the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Learning (IBL), Linköping University and is a research leader at the division of Education and Sociology and the Work and Working Life research environment within IBL. In addition, she is a research leader at the HELIX Competence Centre, Linköping University. HELIX is a 5-year programme (Vinnova, 2017-2022, Due to Covid-19, extended 1 year) with a focus on sustainable development in organisations concerning how working conditions in terms of learning, health and gender equality can be combined with efficiency and innovation.

She received her PhD in education from Linköping University in 2000 and she was appointed as an associate professor in education (docent) in 2009, and an associate professor in education (biträdande professor) in 2013 and was employed as a full professor in education in 2014, Linköping University. Her research interests include Workplace learning in large industrial companies and SMEs as well as public sector organisations, Vocational/professional learning, with a focus on work-based learning in vocational/professional education, and Workplace health promotion and working conditions. She has extensive experience in leading large research projects. She has published books and several academic papers in peer-reviewed journals and presented various academic papers at conferences.



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Maria Gustavsson, Karin Sardadvar (2022) Delade arbetsturer i kommunal äldreomsorg - erfarenheter, utmaningar och möjligheter


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