Master's Programme in Aeronautical Engineering, 120 credits

This programme offers a holistic view on aircraft design. An aircraft is a complex, integrated, closely connected system of various technologies and disciplines such as aerodynamics, structure, propulsion, actuation and other on-board systems.

Aeronautical Engineering, Master's Programme

Autumn 2018, Full time 100%, Linköping

Aeronautical Engineering, Master's Programme - Second admission round mainly for Swedish and EU/EEA students

Autumn 2018, Full time 100%, Linköping

All these disciplines need to be optimised in order to achieve the functionality and efficiency required of an aircraft. The latter part of the programme involves a project in which these disciplines come together and challenge students to design, build and fly an aircraft, or a subscale version.

Industry affiliations

Linköping is the aviation capital of Sweden and one of few aviation cities in the world. Saab Aeronautics, the producer of the highly successful Gripen fighter aircraft, is a major actor in the region. Other related companies and military aviation establishments that reinforce Linköping’s aviation character are located in or near the city. The Aeronautical Engineering programme benefits from this, as some of the teachers have affiliations to the industry. Moreover, there is close research and education collaborations between the university and the industry.

Contemporary tools

The first year of the programme deals with the fundamentals of aeronautics, such as aircraft design, aerodynamics, engineering system design, product modelling, and aircraft systems and installation. Throughout the programme, special attention is given to a thorough progression with significant use of contemporary engineering design tools. A mix of elective and mandatory courses prepares you for your master’s thesis durign the final semester. There is a possibility to specialise within Aerodynamics, Aircraft System Design or Aircraft Structure.

Syllabus and course details

A detailed syllabus, curriculum, and information on the courses you may take can be found in our study information database via the link below. Entry requirements and tuition fees can be found by selecting the plus sign at the top of the page. 

Career opportunities

This programme prepares you for a career in the aerospace industry, ranging from conceptual aircraft design and aircraft engineering to related fields such as vehicle engineering or wind turbine engineering. Students will also be prepared for a research career.

Student project


The Midjet (midget jet) is the result of a student project in our master's programme. It's a singe seat jet aircraft inspired by the legendary BD-5J. The video illustrates how the students starts off with primitive conceptual sketches and how they, by combining ideas, skill sets etc., gradually develop a stunning looking aircraft. The work included all aspects of aircraft design such as initial sizing, aerodynamic analysis, flight mechanics, structure and mechanical design, propulsion etc. A remote controlled sub scale prototype was manufactured and this proved the design to have very clean and forgiving handling qualities. Over all it’s a very successful aircraft design. The project was completed in 5 month.

Application and admission

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