Aircraft design and systems

Four persons with model airplane.

The aircraft design research at Linköping University is in concept development, aircraft systems and so-called "sub-scale test flights". We strive to develop or improve the tools in design automation CAD, aerodynamic modeling, design optimization and systems simulation.

Collaborating with aerospace industry 

Based on a study of a Generic Future Aircraft (GFF) we are carrying out a project for the sub-scale test flights.  We have seen that the interest in sub-scale test flights has increased in recent years. This approach has helped to reduce the development time and identify risks involved in the development of the aircraft. The project is implemented in cooperation with Swedish industry and Universities in Brazil with the aim to generate experience in the method for use in the development of future aircraft.

Environmental aircrafts

There is a strong ambition to produce more environmentally friendly aircraft with greater efficiency and at lower cost. Another trend is the development of unmanned systems. This result in a completely new requirement profile for the aircraft, and often force the introduction of alternative technologies. It allows new configurations needs to be investigated.