MSc International and European Relations, 120 credits

International and European Relations

This programme approaches issues related to European relations in the context of an international society and global governance, with a special focus on Europe’s role in world affairs. The double focus on international and European relations makes this a unique master’s programme, offering you a competitive edge.

International and European Relations, Master´s Programme

Autumn 2019, Full-time, Linköping

International and European Relations, Master´s Programme - First and main admission round

Autumn 2020, Full-time, Linköping

Closed for late application

International and European Relations, Master´s Programme - Second admission round (open only for Swedish/EU students)

Autumn 2020, Full-time, Linköping

The curriculum consists of a wide range of topics, covering the latest updates from this intriguing field. You will get an excellent grasp of topics like international law and security, European institutions and Europe’s external relations, theories of international relations, contemporary issues of international governance, and research design and methodology. During the third semester, students have the option of either taking courses focused on global governance, or pursuing a guided internship with an organisation of relevance for international or European relations. Throughout the programme you will develop the capacity to understand the history, theory and contemporary implications of international and European relations, as well as the forces that drive developments.

The programme is divided into four components, each equivalent to one term:

  • International relations
  • European relations
  • International governance/Guided internship
  • Master’s thesis

Throughout your studies you will be connected to ongoing research in various topics. The teachers are engaged in research concerning international theory and the development of international norms and institutions, European security and foreign relations, European politics, regional development, political economy, e-governance, migration and diaspora studies, policy analysis and political theory.

By the time you graduate you will have an independent, critical approach to complex global, and specifically European, issues. Furthermore, you will gain the skills and knowledge to contribute actively to important developments, either as practitioners or as researchers. 

Future opportunities

Our graduates are prepared for professional careers in governmental institutions and in international public organisations, as well as in the private and non-governmental sectors. Graduates from the programme can be found today in such institutions, working with various aspects from running policy programmes to scientific research. The courses also provide a solid foundation for further studies and research towards a PhD.

Syllabus and course details
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A detailed syllabus, curriculum, and information on the courses you may take can be found in our study information database via the link below. Entry requirements and tuition information can be found by selecting the drop-down ''Admission requirements'' available under the Autumn 2020 tab.

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This webinar covers the programme structure, the master’s thesis, examination forms, job opportunities, related research, and what it’s like to live in Sweden.

Alumni insights
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Student testimonial:
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Abisola - United Kingdom

'' I came here to broaden my experiences. And I sure have. I am very enthusiastic about politics and international relations and will work within the third sector, public relations or public affairs, to make a positive impact in the world.

Since my programme mixes international and European relations and includes an internship, I will be well prepared for the task. 

Meeting people from all over the world has boosted my interpersonal skills, and from day one I have been encouraged to improve myself and supported to enhance the expertise on my CV.

I came to Linköping to experience something completely different, and really recommend others to take this opportunity.''

Learning environment
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Stories from the programme
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Current and recently archived blogs from the programme

Sebastian Westley

International and European Relations

Hello, my name is Sebastian and I have recently moved to Linköping from Melbourne, Australia to study International and European Relations. I am a keen traveler and lover of sports. Follow my blogs to enjoy my travels within Sweden, life in Linköping and my experiences studying at LiU.

Tuuli Vanhanen

International and European Relations

Hej! I moved from Finland to Linköping to study my master’s degree in International and European Relations, and I have not regretted it! Join me as I explore Linköping – the city, the university, and the nature surrounding it – and I will show you what you are missing out from!

Keely Witherow

International and European Relations

Hey you guys! I came all the way from Texas to study International and European here at LiU, and so far I am loving it! Grab a little fika, get comfortable, and let me tell you all about my adventures as a student in Sweden!  

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