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Alfredo Ordinola

PhD student

My research mainly revolves around implementing diffusion sensitive magnetic resonance sequences. I also work on deriving models and running experiments in a research MR scanner which will aid in the characterization of complex media.


The human brain possesses a very complex and varied microstructure which plays a key role in its many functions. Furthermore, changes on these characteristics can be used as biomarkers for diseases such as tumors and strokes. This results in a high interest in the accurate description of the brain; however, this is not an easy task to accomplish. Diffusion magnetic resonance is a non-invasive imaging technique which can provide very rich information on such structures. This is achieved by probing the random movement of water molecules and describing related processes, such as molecular exchange through a cellular membrane.

My research mainly consists of experimentally investigating new sequences and models to describe such complex processes. This is done by conducting experiments in a research MR scanner and processing the output data from diffusion sensitive MR sequences.

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  • 2021 MSc in Biomedical Engineering at Linköping University

Field of teaching

  • Teaching assistance in the course TBMT02 – Medical Imaging

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