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Alireza Mohammadinodooshan

PhD student

I am currently conducting research on topics related to computational social science.


I am a PhD candidate with the Security and Networks Research Group, ADIT, IDA. Since 2021, I have been working with Niklas Carlsson focusing on understanding and modeling the security aspects of social networks and media, leveraging statistical modeling and machine learning techniques.


Professional Contributions

Explore below to learn more about my scholarly activities, including my contributions to research, teaching, and service.


  •  For a selected list of my publications, please see below and for a comprehensive list, please visit my Google Scholar or DBLP page.
  • SNAMS 2022 paper has been nominated as a best paper candidate of the conference. An extended version is under preparation.



  • Course Leader and Primary Lecturer:
    • Datastrukturer och Algoritmer (TDDD71)
  • Course Lecturer and Projects Supervisor:
    • Information Security, Second Course (TDDD17)
  • Course Teacher and Assistant:
    • Database Technology (TDDD81)
  • Course Assistant:
    • Software Security (TDDC90)
    • Computer Networks (TDTS06)
    • Computer Networks and Distributed Systems (TDTS04)



Elin Thorgren, Alireza Mohammadinodooshan, Niklas Carlsson (2024) Temporal Dynamics of User Engagement on Instagram: A Comparative Analysis of Album, Photo, and Video Interactions Proceedings of the 16th ACM Web Science Conference, p. 224-234 Continue to DOI
Alireza Mohammadinodooshan (2024) Data-driven Contributions to Understanding User Engagement Dynamics on Social Media


Alireza Mohammadinodooshan, William Holmgren, Martin Christensson, Niklas Carlsson (2023) A Clone-based Analysis of the Content-Agnostic Factors Driving News Article Popularity on Twitter PROCEEDINGS OF THE 2023 IEEE/ACM INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ADVANCES IN SOCIAL NETWORKS ANALYSIS AND MINING, ASONAM 2023, p. 17-24 Continue to DOI
Alireza Mohammadinodooshan, Niklas Carlsson (2023) Effects of Political Bias and Reliability on Temporal User Engagement with News Articles Shared on Facebook PASSIVE AND ACTIVE MEASUREMENT, PAM 2023, p. 160-187 Continue to DOI


Alireza Mohammadinodooshan, Niklas Carlsson (2022) Temporal Dynamics of User Engagement with U.S. News Sources on Facebook Proc. International Conference on Social Networks Analysis, Management and Security (SNAMS) Continue to DOI


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