PhD Student in Software Security

I have a broad interest in information security, with a particular interest in systems and software security. I am currently pursuing a PhD in computer science under the supervision of professor Nahid Shahmehri. My main topic of research is dynamic analysis of binary-code programs.

While bringing its own challenges, doing analysis directly on machine code, instead of source code, widens the potential of program analysis. For example, analyzing third-party closed-source programs or malicious software (malware) becomes possible. Furthermore, dynamic analysis allows observing a program's behavior in detail while it runs, instead of trying to infer the behavior from looking at its code.
Some of my recent works has been on scalable dynamic analysis methods, and on testing techniques to find security flaws in software.


TDDC90 Software Security – Course leader and lecturer
TDDD17 Information Security, Second Course – Course leader and lecturer

Research group

Security and Networks Group at ADIT, IDA
Group leader: Nahid Shahmehri




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