Database and Information Techniques (ADIT)

ADIT consists of two research groups, the Security and Networks Group and the Database and Web Information Systems group, each of which has its own research profile.

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The Security and Networks Group

Our research focuses on getting the right information to the right people at the right time. Information security is an important part of this aim: for a system to be trusted, it must also be secure. Our current research topics include software security, trust establishment and management in peer-to-peer systems, policy definition and enforcement, secure execution environments, group key management, usability and security, enterprise access control, intrusion detection, computer forensics and best practices for secure systems.

We have previously worked with balanced digital rights management, secure digital service delivery, and digital commodity distribution. Read more about our group.

Contact: Professor Nahid Shahmehri

The Database and Web Information Systems Group

We conduct research on storage, management, search and integration of data. An important application area are the Life Sciences. Keywords are Semantic Web, ontologies, standards, databases, bioinformatics, biomedical informatics.

Currently, our research focuses on: ontology engineering (alignment and repair), efficient data management for the Web, querying and integrating graph-based data, learning graphical models of and dependencies in gene networks, biomedical text mining, and provenance in scientific workflows. Read more about our group.

Contact: Professor Patrick Lambrix and/or professor Nahid Shahmehri

Head of the Division

Professor Nahid Shahmehri is Head of the Division for Databases and Information Techniques (ADIT) and leads its security and networks group. She received her PhD in Computer Science from Linköpings universitet in 1991. Professor Shahmehri is a senior member of IEEE.

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