Database and Information Techniques (ADIT)

The Division of Database and Information Techniques is part of the Department of Computer and Information Science. The division consists of several research groups, each of which has its own research profile.

Drone Research Groups at ADIT

The Air and Ground Information Security Group

This group conducts research on air security including manned air communication systems and drone identification and communication, as well as ground IT security including industrial internet, smartgrids, security and monitoring of vehicular systems (cars, ships, rails) and 6G.

The Database and Web Information Systems Group

This group conducts research on storage, management, search and integration of data. Important application areas are materials science and the life sciences.
Currently, our research focuses on: ontology engineering (alignment, debugging, evolution, visualization), efficient data management for the web, querying linked data, graph databases and sports analytics. Read more about our group.

The Security and Networks Group

 Research within this group is done on a broad range of topics, spanning security, networks, and related areas such as performance evaluation and multimedia systems. Read more about our group.  

The Communications for Networked Intelligent Systems Group

This group performs research on communication networks, such as semantics-aware goal-oriented communications, timeliness of information, tactile internet, wireless energy harvesting networks, performance analysis and stochastic modeling, and physical layer security. An important research direction is how to utilize the traffic properties and characteristics to increase the performance of wireless networks by reducing the amount of information that is generated, transmitted, and processed in a network. Typical examples include content caching and timing properties and requirements of traffic, which are crucial aspects towards 6G communications. Read more about our group.

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Research activities at ADIT

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Adaptive Software for the Heterogenous Edge-Cloud-Continuum - ASTECC

ASTECC is a 5-year cooperative research project in software systems at the Department of Computer and Information Science. It is funded by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF).

Database and Web Information Systems

Database and Web Information Systems

The Database and Web Information Systems Group conduct research on storage, management, search and integration of data. An important application area are the Life Sciences.

Security and Networks

Security and Networks

The Security and Networks Group focuses on getting the right information to the right people at the right time. Information security is an important part of this aim: for a system to be trusted, it must also be secure.

Semantic Web

The Semantic Web is an extension of the traditional Web in which interlinked data with well-described semantics has been added in a machine-processable form.

Three LHC-players and tvo from HV in front of LHC's goal and goalkeeper during a hockey game.

Sports Analytics

Sports analytics deals with using data related to sports events to obtain insights about the sport and its surroundings. The insights can relate to player and team performance, strategies, training, injuries, and rules of the game.

Telekommunikation i smart stad

Telecommunications for Smart Cities

Our research focuses on modeling and evaluating the communication and network architectures of such relevant Internet of Things deployments with applications in smart cities.

Latest publications


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