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Andreas Eriksson

Associate Professor

I want to improve student learning by using modern technology in teaching.

Modern technology develops teaching

In my work I try to develop the ways we teach. Specifically, I try to investigate how education can be improved with the help of modern technology.

I work with different kinds of teaching (laboratory work, seminars, tutorial group supervision, lectures, course coordination/examiner) but are especially interested in how we can develop our teaching using modern technology.

Flipped Classroom

Among other things, I develop my own teaching according to the flipped classroom model. In short this means that I record movies that I then make available to the students via the internet. The students watch the movies and are then given the opportunity to discuss the contents of the movies with each other and with me at scheduled face-to-face seminars. The contents that I teach are mainly cell biology and pharmacology. 

ICT pedagogue

In addition to developing my own teaching, I also work as an ICT pedagogue at Didacticum at Linköping University. The task of Didacticum is to contribute to the educational development at Linköping University and my role as ICT pedagogue is to (together with other ICT pedagogues) focus on the use of technology within teaching. For instance, as an ICT pedagogue I try to help other teachers design learning activities that use technology in a pedagogic way.



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About me


  • Master in Medical Biology, Linköping University 2003
  • PhD in Pharmacology, Linköping University 2008


  • ICT Pedagogue at Didacticum


  • Course Coordinator, Medical Cell Biology (6hp) within the Experimental and Industrial Biomedicine Programme
  • Course Coordinator single subject course in General Pharmacology (7,5hp)