Different kinds of visualizations is an inherent part of science communication, between scientists as well as for the public and education. The question is how visualizations should be designed to facilitate understanding of scienctific phenomena. 

My research interests are mainly concerned with how we understand different biological and biochemical phenomena with the aid of different kinds of respresentations such as visualizations and simulations.

Scientific phenomena often demand explanations that differ from our intuitive everyday thinking. They are complex and take place over vast temporal and spatial scales and also involve stochastic aspects.

My current research concerns how visualizations can be designed to facilitate understanding of such aspects in the mechanisms of evolution. The main focus in my research is currently graphic and interaction design in connection with learning. 

Visualization in education

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  • M Sc Biology (cell biology and human physiology)
  • Upper secondary teacher in biology, mathematics, chemistry and computer science 2001-2013
  • Research engineer Linköping University 2013-2014
  • Ph D Student in scienc education 2014 -