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Annika Lindh Falk

Associate Professor

Interprofessional education and collaboration in health care practices

My research interest concerns different aspects of professional and interprofessional education in health professional education as well as practice-based research in health care practices.

My research focuses on learning in higher education with a specific focus on interprofessional learning (IPE) in clinical practice.

My teaching at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences focuses on pedagogy and learning for students, staff and patients in health care contexts. At the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, I meet students in undergraduate programs within IPE. I am also course coordinator and teacher in Medical education on masters level.

About me

Network/other assignments

  • Programme Director for Interprofessional Education (IPE)
  • Member of the Management Group for the Strategic Area of IPE research end learning (IPLS-FOU)
  • Member of the Board of Education, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Member of the IPL Committee, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Main supervisor for Karin Landberg (medical education), assistant supervisor for Jane Holstein (occupational therapy) and Matilda Bönner (occupational therapy/medical education), Linköping University



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