Cardiology and the approach taken towards patients’ families

I have conducted a multi-centre study on all of the university hospitals in Sweden by means of a web-based survey allowing for free text answers.

This study, entitled "Swedish nurses' and physicians' experiences and attitudes of family presence during resuscitation of an adult patient hospitalised at a University hospital", looked at the experience of and attitude held by doctors and nurses towards family presence in a cardiac arrest situation. The results will be presented in a scientific article in 2017. The results are already published in an article in Svensk Kardiologi no. 4, December 2017.

For many years I have helped Anna Strömberg, professor at the Department of Medicine and Health Sciences (IMH), with nursing research at the clinic and have also worked on the Wii study which Professor Jaarsma at the Department of Social and Welfare Studies (ISV) is responsible for.


I have my own heart failure clinic and arrhythmia clinic, and have worked at the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit for 15 years.

I am a member of the Care Research Group at Region Östergötland and have also been involved for many years in pharmaceutical trials.

My e-mail address at Region Östergötland:


I teach on the nursing programme, primarily in the base group and in work placement training (VFU) but also at Clinicum where I lecture on blood transfusion. I also lecture on e-health on various specialist training courses for nurses. My great interest is teaching and learning, and I have completed a number of courses in education each worth 7.5 credits. I am also working on the layout of the Nursing Programme in terms 2 and 3 to bring it in line with the new curriculum.

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Collaboration with researcher in Nursing Science
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