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My professional activities evolve round a central theme Living a good life with heart disease – how can we improve self-care. In an international arena I develop and test interventions to improve self-care of cardiac patients. 

Heart disease and self-care

My research aims at enhancing the quality of nursing care and strengthening the health care delivery system for chronically ill cardiac patients. The main contributions have been in promoting evidence-based nursing practice in the Netherlands and internationally, specifically in patients with heart failure.

Research areas mainly are related to improving the care and self-care of cardiac patients. My doctoral thesis which I defended in Maastricht (NL) in 1999 was titled: Heart failure: nurses care; effects of a supportive-educative intervention by a nurse on self-care, recourse utilization and quality of life of patients with heart failure. 

From 2002-2010 I was co-principle investigator of the multicenter COACH trial (Coordinating study evaluating Outcomes of Advising and Counselling in Heart Failure) in which she coordinated a team of 4 Phd Students, 50 health care professionals and more than 40 datacollectors. 

Two main research lines are developed: 

  • Improving and measuring self-care in cardiac patients
  • Talking about prognosis with heart failure patients

Report Improving care for patients with acute heart failure

Recently I was involved in a policy initiative aimed at improving care for patients with acute heart failure. 

The report is available at Oxford Health Policy Forum



Selected publications

Cover of publication ''
Peter Johansson, Erland Svensson, Urban Alehagen, Tiny Jaarsma, Anders Broström (2015)

European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing , Vol.14 , s.222-231 Continue to DOI

Cover of publication ''
Peter Johansson, Erland Svensson, Urban Alehagen, Ulf Dahlström, Tiny Jaarsma, Anders Broström (2015)

Sleep and Breathing , Vol.19 , s.263-271 Continue to DOI


Barbara Riegel, Shayleigh Dickson Page, Subhash Aryal, Christopher S. Lee, Andrew Belfiglio, Kenneth E. Freedland, Anna Strömberg, Ercole Vellone, Heleen Westland, Michelle M. van Rijn, Sara Pettersson, Douglas J. Wiebe, Tiny Jaarsma (2024) Symptom characteristics, perceived causal attributions, and contextual factors influencing self-care behaviors: An ecological daily assessment study of adults with chronic illness Patient Education and Counseling, Vol. 123, Article 108227 Continue to DOI
James M. Beattie, Teresa Castiello, Tiny Jaarsma (2024) The Importance of Cultural Awareness in the Management of Heart Failure: A Narrative Review Vascular Health and Risk Management, Vol. 20, p. 109-123 Continue to DOI
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Loreena Hill, Lorna Cassidy, Lana Dixon, Donna Fitzsimons, Ingela Thylén, Tiny Jaarsma (2024) An insight into healthcare professionals' perspectives on discussing implantable cardioverter defibrillator deactivation European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing Continue to DOI
Heleen Westland, Stefan Kuiper, Cheryl van den Bovenkamp, Etienne Blaas, Tiny Jaarsma (2024) How do patients with rheumatoid arthritis perceive their self-care and self-care support? A mixed-method study Journal of Advanced Nursing Continue to DOI


Is your research in the same field?

If you are interested in collaboration in one of our research projects or work with our measurement scales, please contact me:

Other projects

  • Development of a computer game to learn about post-operative self-care (doctoral student B Ingadottir): This project was supported by a project in Liu's Sommarmatchen 2014.
  • Using a digital pen to improve symptom monitoring (project with prof Strömberg and dr L Lind, funded by FP7 Homecare project).
  • Using the Kinect camera to monitor patient activity in the homes (Human Activity REcognition and Monitoring for self-care in elderly heart failure patients HAREM project with dr P. Dell’Acqua, funded by LIST 2011.
  • Using internet based cognitive behavioural theory for cardiac patients (dr. P Johansson, funded by FORSS and VR).
  • Evaluation a patient website in which I was one of the co-developers, and is now evaluated by a team from LiU collaborating with the University of Utrecht (the Netherlands).
  • Describing use of Telemonitoring services and tools for Heart Failure patients in Sweden and Japan. This is a project that is lead by dr. N.Kato, post-doc in the research group).
  • Learning to live with the consequences of chronic (cardiac) disease. Peter Johansson worked as 0.2 FTE postdoc to study the consequences of heart failure and further development of interventions for patients with chronic disease. Furthermore together professors Anna Strömberg, LiU and Barbara Riegel, University of Pennsylvania, we developed the middle range theory:‘the middle range theory of self-care in chronic illness’.

Current and future activities

  • An international study studying self-care in different cultures is planned
  • Further validation of the existing language version and cultural specificity is planned for several versions
  • A new scale measuring self-care in LVAD patients is developed. Collaborators on that specific projects are Naoko Kato, Anna Strömberg and Tuvia Ben Gal

Optimize heart failure care at home

Involvement in three projects to improve heart failure at home.

The COACH2 is a study evaluates whether long-term follow-up in primary care, under the condition of initial optimization of pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment at the specialized HF clinic, is equally effective as long term follow up at the specialized HF clinic in terms of guideline adherence and patient compliance

The study, which is performed by a research team in Groningenand Tiny, is involved in the steering committee.


  • Further develop and implement the Curriculum for a European Training program for HF nurses
  • Evaluate and implement the patient website:

Research theme



  • Lectures in Undergraduate School of Nursing
  • Semester 1: Nursing research
  • Semester 3: Measurement instruments
  • Semester 5: Ho to do a Literature review
  • Supervision research thesis Bachelor Nursing

Advanced level

  • Master: How to choose a research design
  • Supervision research thesis specialist training

Doctoral level

  • Co-course leader: doctoral course (Riegel and Strömberg) Self-care in chronic disease 2011 and 2012
  • Co-course doctoral course Scientific Methodology: Methods for Systematic and Critical study of research reports
  • Doctoral seminar biweekly 
  • Lecture doctoral seminars: How to do a good review, how to response to reviewers, international collaboration, reflection on research grants


  • Editor-in Chief of the European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing (number 10 of Nursing Journals) -  See Youtube.
  • Chair of the science committee of the Council on cardiovascular Nurses and Allied Professionals of the ESC (current)
  • Rektor’s Research Council at LiU
  • Member of the Faculty Board of the Faculty of Medicine




  • Distinguished Scientist Award: American Heart Association (AHA) 2016
  • Honorary named Lecture: Mebius Kramer Lezing (University of Utrecht) 2011
  • Fellow of the European Academy of Nurse Scientists (EANS) 2014
  • Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing (FAAN) 2011
  • Nurse Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology (NFESC) 2000
  • Fellow of the American Heart Association (FAHA) 2001
  • Honorary member of the Dutch Cardiovascular Nurses Association 2003
  • Anna Reynvaan best article of the Year award 2000
  • Research training fellow of Heart Failure Association: N. Kolbe
  • Member of the Nursing Council AHA (since 1999), Dutch Cardiac Nursing society (since 1998, honorary member since 2005), Dutch Nursing Science group (since 2001) CCNAP ESC (since 1996), HFA ESC (since 2000)

Collaborators within LiU

External partners


  • Jönköping University, School of Health SciencesProfessor Bengt Fridlund, Professor Jan Mårtensson Professor Anders Broström
  • The Sahlgrenska Academy, Institute of Health and Care SciencesProfessor Inger Ekman
  • Umeå University, Institutionen för omvårdnad: Professor Kurt Boman and Research Associate Margareta Brännström


  • For the HF Wii study we have built a strong consortium with collaborators from different countries. Data on the Wii trial will be collected by the research team of Dr. Tuvia Ben Gal, Director of the HF Unit in Rabin Medical Centre (Israel) and Dr. Ercole Vellone, member of the Department of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tor Vergata (Italy) and Dr JJ Boyne, University Hospital of Maastricht (Netherlands).
  • Further active collaboration exists with Professor Dr. Simon Stewart, Head of Preventative Health & Group Leader of Population Health. From the University of Pennsylvania (USA) we work with the multidisciplinary team of Professor Barbara Riegel.
  • Together with colleagues from Ireland I am part of the Steering committee of the CHARMS study: Improving Sexual Assessment and Counselling in Cardiac Rehabilitation.
  • I also partner with Professor Susanne S. Pedersen in the ACQUIRE-HF study, a study on patient centered care in heart failure patients.