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Anton Käll


My research focuses on how perceptions of the social world affect people's well-being and on developing interventions when this creates problems. The methods used are both internet-based interventions and experimental studies.

The social world and mental health 

The social world and how it is perceived is of great importance for understanding many mental health problems

My research focuses on understanding the role of the social world in mental health. My primary research interest is in understanding the phenomenon of loneliness and why it becomes a lasting problem for some people. For my Ph.D. I investigated whether internet-based psychological treatments can be of help for this group. With the help of the research group’s prior knowledge about internet-based treatments we have created and tested two interventions targeting loneliness. One of these is based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and the other makes use of another one form of psychotherapy called interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT).

Currently I serve as the lead on an experimental study studying how morphine affects social cognition.



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