Photo of Axel Lindfors

Axel Lindfors

Assistant Professor

I would like to contribute to a broader understanding of how our industrial systems interact with nature and society.

In what way is it sustainable?

The world is faced with a myriad of sustainability challenges, including everything from climate change and acidification to unemployment and inequity. Overcoming these challenges one at a time is costly and time-consuming, which is why there is a need for methods and approaches that can identify and assess how different potential solutions affect different sustainability challenges simultaneously, as it is preferable to contribute to overcoming several challenges at the same time.

In my research, the process of conducting a sustainability assessment is in focus. Research questions that I seek to answer include: What areas of sustainable development should be included in assessments? How should trade-offs and comparison between sustainability areas be done? Who should be included in the assessment process and who has the right to decide in it?
In performing my research, I work in close collaboration with businesses and public organizations to assess their contributions to sustainable development. This often involves performing sustainability assessments on their products, services or organizations. The goal is to co-create knowledge about how they affect different areas of sustainability and enable them to maximize their positive contribution while minimizing negative impact. Because this often requires organizations to change their operations, implementation studies and feasibility analysis also become important aspects of my research since a solution that cannot be implemented is no solution.


I teach in the Environmental technology and Environmental technology solutions courses. Additionally, I supervise and examine bachelor’s and master’s theses within Energy and Environmental technology with a focus on environmental systems analysis, sustainability assessment and environmental management.