Photo of Bengt Ragnemalm

Bengt Ragnemalm

Senior Coordinator

My work is within prototype development and technical support within the area of Biomedical Enginnering, mostly in electronics, mechanics and optics. 

Research Engineer & technical support

The areas in which I work are primarily electronics and sensors. However, I have also worked with projects involving mechanics, CNC machining, manufacturing technology, optics, bonding and materials as well as other areas relevant to the development of biomedical prototypes.

I have also supervised upwards of 20 thesis projects and preformed research on extensible leaders and microfluidic pressure sensors. I also co-founded the companies Minovi (now Linkura) and Emotra. 



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Linda Rattfält, Christer Ahlström, Martin Eneling, Bengt Ragnemalm, Peter Hult, M. Lindén, Per Ask (2009) A platform for physiological signals including an intelligent stethoscope 4th European Conference of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering: ECIFMBE 2008 23–27 November 2008 Antwerp, Belgium, p. 1038-1041 Continue to DOI


Jonas Pettersson, Bengt Ragnemalm, Lars-Göran Lindberg (2006) A Wireless PPG Sensor Applied Over the Radial Artery - A Pilot Study E-Health - Proceedings of Med-e-Tel 2006: The International Trade Event and Conference for eHealth, Telemedicine and Health ICT, p. 199-202


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