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Camilla Forsberg

Associate Professor, Docent

Children's perspectives' on bullying

Camilla Forsberg's research focus on children's perspective on bullying and how children understand bullying. 

In her completed thesis she studied how children made sense of bullying, how they described and defined bullying situations and how they reasoned on their reactions. Her postdoctoral research was focused on how identity processes, social categories and gender are related to and become interlinked with bullying. Her current research focus on how school bullying is related to the social, institutional, cultural, and historical contexts within which it occurs. She also explores LGBTIQ+ youth's lived experiences of homophobic bullying at school.




Camilla Forsberg, Paul Horton, Robert Thornberg (2024) How school-built factors and organisational dimensions contribute to bodily exposure, degrading treatment and bullying in school changing rooms Sport, Education and Society Continue to DOI


Paul Horton, Camilla Forsberg, Robert Thornberg (2023) Mobbningsarenor: en socioekologisk undersökning av skolmobbning Resultatdialog 2023, p. 60-64
Eva Hammar Chiriac, Camilla Forsberg, Robert Thornberg (2023) Teacher teams: A safe place to work on creating and maintaining a positive school climate Social Psychology of Education Continue to DOI
Camilla Forsberg (2023) The need to belong: Girls trajectory perspectives on friendship forming in the school setting Children & society, Vol. 37, p. 1218-1232 Continue to DOI
Robert Thornberg, Eva Hammar Chiriac, Camilla Forsberg, Linda Wänström (2023) The association between student-teacher relationship quality and school liking: A small-scale 1-year longitudinal study Cogent Education, Vol. 10, Article 2211466 Continue to DOI

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Research about children and bullying

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Cristina Moliner

LGBTIQ+ young people's lived experiences of homophobic bullying in Swedish Schools

In 2023, a research project will start at IBL, the department of behavioral science and learning, at Linköping University, where we will investigate LGBTIQ+ youth's experiences of homophobic bullying at school.

In the study, LGBTIQ+ high school youth aged 16-19 are interviewed about their direct or indirect experiences of homophobic bullying; how they perceive these experiences to have affected their sense of wellbeing; what support and/or assistance they perceive was provided to those who were bullied; and which forms of support and/or assistance the young people perceive to be most effective for dealing with and protecting against homophobic bullying in schools.

Through this project we will learn more about experiences of homophobic bullying, the associated effects on wellbeing; and what might be protective factors. This area of research has been unexplored in Sweden. Answering these questions will therefore address several lacunae in knowledge about young LGBTIQ+ people’s experiences of homophobic bullying in the Swedish context.

The project is approved by the Ethical Review Board and financed by the Swedish Research Council.

Participate in the study

To register for the study, use this link.

For questions, please contact the research leader Camilla Forsberg, Associate professor in Education, phone: +46 13- 28 58 92.