Photo of Björn Sjögren

Björn Sjögren

Associate Professor

Peer Victimization and Bullying in School

Bullying in schools is a widespread phenomenon. My research focuses on using student surveys to map the prevalence of bullying and investigate how it relates to various cognitive, moral, and social factors. Together, our research group on bullying aims to contribute knowledge on how we can understand and prevent bullying in schools.

In most bullying situations, there are others present besides the perpetrators and the victims. My research has a particular focus on these bystander roles. Do bystanders take sides with the bullies, support the victims, or remain passive? And what factors influence these choices?


I primarily teach courses and programs for aspiring teachers, such as educational psychology, social relationships, and bullying, as well as scientific methodology.


Nordic Educational Research Association (NERA)
Bullying Research Network (BRNET)



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