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Camilla Skoglund

Principal Research Engineer

Our research focuses on the perturbed immune system in coronary artery disease. We study stress, inflammation and atherosclerosis in regard to the function and proportion of white blood cells.

The immune system in coronary artery disease

Our general aim is to increase the knowledge of the perturbed immune system in patients with coronary artery disease and thereby increase the possibility to identify new and more individualized diagnostics and therapies.

Methods used:

  • Molecular biology techniques, such as extraction of RNA/DNA, real time PCR and droplet digital PCR
  • Cell isolation and cell culture
  • Flow cytometry
  • Methods for analysis of neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs)

About me


  • Master of Science in Engineering Biology 2001
  • PhD 2011



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Mouna Tabebi, Ravi Kumar Dutta, Camilla Skoglund, Peter Söderkvist, Oliver Gimm (2022) Loss of SDHB Induces a Metabolic Switch in the hPheo1 Cell Line toward Enhanced OXPHOS International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Vol. 23, Article 560 Continue to DOI