Clas Rydergren is professor in Traffic Informatics at Linköping University and specialize in transport modelling and analysis.

His research interests include passenger transport demand modelling, transport data analytics and transport flow modelling. He leads the Traffic Modelling and Simulation research group that conducts high-quality research and works with industry partners on various aspects of the transport system.
He teaches courses on quantitative analysis, transport demand modelling, optimization and systems analysis for civil engineering students in the field of transport and transport infrastructure. He coordinates the master program profile Traffic Analysis which provides a comprehensive education for students who want to learn transport modelling and apply their skills in real-world transport problems.  He is also a member of the program board for Industrial Economics and Logistics (IL) and the chairman of the program planning group, which works for ensuring  the quality and relevance of the undergraduate education programs in Norrköping in the area of transport and logistics.