Applied knowledge within marketing and business development

Most of my work is teaching within marketing and strategy, with some research into business development and resource efficiency. In both teaching and research, I base my activities on a clear application of available knowledge.

I create motivation in the students on my courses by: 

bringing knowledge to life with examples of how models and theories can be applied to real-life events 

establishing a coupling between the content of a course and questions the students can relate to

demonstrating how the knowledge can be useful for the students – both in their professional life and in other contexts

I am sure that this activates the students to self-learning and increases the relevance of the education. 

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Course coordinator for:
Industrial Marketing (TEIM32)
Industrial Marketing (TEIM11)


I conduct research into business development, principally related to sustainability and resource efficiency in value chains. The starting point for my research is that it should concern the challenges faced by society in general, or by one of society’s stakeholders. I have a doctoral degree in industrial marketing, having presented a thesis showing how the resources of timber suppliers can be used by retail building merchants. 

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