Photo of Daniel Ellström

Daniel Ellström

Associate Professor

Researcher focused on market strategies, sustainable offerings and digital transformation. Teacher in marketing. Director of studies and degree project coordinator at the Division of Industrial Management.


Researcher focused on issues regarding different aspects of marketing and market strategies. The research primarily analyzes firm resources and capabilities, and applies ideas from the resource-based view, resource dependence theory, and the dynamic capabilities framework. The research relies on the assumption that a firm’s capabilities affects its ability to act on the market. I have applied this idea on several research questions and situations:

  • Ability to support customers in various activities and responsibilities
  • Ability to benefit from the value created together with customers
  • Ability for SMEs to grow
  • Ability to achieve digital transformation
  • Ability to create different types of environmentally sustainable offerings

Teacher with course responsibility for the courses

  • TEIM32 Industrial marketing
  • TEIM11 Industrial marketing

Director of studies at the Division of Industrial Management

Degree project coordinator at the Division of Industrial Management

Participant in IL-nämndens programplanegrupp (PPG-IL)



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Daniel Ellström, Victor Nilsson, Gunnar Risting (2018) Startups' use of equity in payments for critical services