Making complex information understandable

Deciphering complex datasets is no easy task. Raw numbers and abstract statistics often fail to capture the essence of data, hindering human comprehension. My work aims to bridge this gap between humans and data through the power of visualization and machine learning. By combining these two fields, I try to find ways of unraveling hidden patterns, extracting valuable insights, and enabling data-driven decision-making.

The heart of my work lies in developing methods for transforming complex, high-dimensional data into intuitive visual representations. In essence, I develop visualizations that breathe life into the data and allow individuals to grasp its intricacies effortlessly. Brain imaging.Visualization of time-varying brain imaging data. I often work in cross-disciplinary teams together with experts in fields such as neuro science, radiology, or articifial intelligence (AI), to research novel visual representations and interaction techniques. I am one of the core developers of the free rapid visualization prototyping software Inviwo [D. Jönsson, IEEE TVCG, 2019], which is used by several research groups and companies.  

The picture shows visualization of time-varying brain imaging data [D. Jönsson, IEEE TVCG, 2016]. Received an honorable mention for best paper at the prestigious IEEE VIS conference.

Daniel Jönsson.Daniel Jönsson at a workshop about education at MIT 2018. Photo credit Thor Balkhed My expertise extends beyond visualization alone. My research involves both methods for interpreting machine learning algorithms as well as making use of them to process and analyze vast amounts of data. By seamlessly integrating visualization and machine learning, I provide a comprehensive toolkit that empowers humans to extract knowledge and gain insights from large complex data.