Sickness insurance, assessment of work ability and perceived justice

The research I conduct regards comprehensibility in the sickness insurance system. My research concerns how work-related assessments and the following official decisions within the sickness insurance are perceived and understood by those included, individuals on sick leave as well professionals. The importance of appropriate communication with comprehensible and sufficient information between the sick-listed and the case-manager at the Social Insurance Agency, as well as with other stakeholders, is another aspect within my research. I also investigate how regulations and processes within the sickness insurance system are understood by individuals on sick-leave, what differences there are between groups and the perceived justice.

Instrument development

Beyond the dissertation project I also work with the instrument development of an assessment instrument for assessing work ability, which for instance is used in insurance medicine investigations; The Assessment of Work Performance (AWP-FK).

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  • Master's degree in Occupational Therapy


Mobile phone: 073-714 33 55

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