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Ida Seing

Associate Professor, Docent



Nina Thorny Stefansdottir, Jeanette Wassar Kirk, Line Vestergaard, Dicte Bjarup Thogersen, Ida Seing, Karsten Vrangbaek, Ove Andersen, Per Nilsen, Tine Tjornhoj-Thomsen, Elin Karlsson (2024) Young adults' perceptions of information on social distancing measures and everyday life during the COVID-19 pandemic in Denmark and Sweden: an interview study International Journal of Adolescence and Youth, Vol. 29, Article 2312860 Continue to DOI
Elin Karlsson, Mattias Hellgren, Jan Sandqvist, Ida Seing, Christian Ståhl (2024) Social Insurance Literacy Among the Sick-listed-A Study of Clients' Comprehension and Self-Rated System Comprehensibility of the Sickness Insurance System Journal of occupational rehabilitation Continue to DOI


Thomas Kallemose, Jeanette Wassar Kirk, Elin Karlsson, Ida Seing, Nina Thórný Stefánsdóttir, Karsten Vrangbæk, Ove Andersen, Per Nilsen (2023) Political trust in the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic: a survey in Denmark and Sweden BMC Global and Public Health, Vol. 1 Continue to DOI
Emma Brulin, Ulrik Lidwall, Ida Seing, Anna Nyberg, Bodil Landstad, Malin Sjöström, Fredrik Bååthe, Per Nilsen (2023) Healthcare in distress: A survey of mental health problems and the role of gender among nurses and physicians in Sweden Journal of Affective Disorders, Vol. 339, p. 104-110 Continue to DOI
Janna Skagerström, Hanna Fernemark, Per Nilsen, Ida Seing, Maria Hardstedt, Elin Karlsson, Kristina Schildmeijer (2023) Challenges of primary health care leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic in Sweden: a qualitative study of managers experiences Leadership in Health Services, Vol. 36, p. 389-401 Continue to DOI