Emelie Havemo

Assistant Professor

My research focuses on the role of visualisation in the context of management control and financial reporting in organisations.

Visualisation and accounting

Visuals are increasingly used to communicate in society as well as in organisations, and offers benefits like improved information recall, better problem solving and collaboration, and higher employee engagement. At the same time, visualisation changes how information is perceived and used. In my research, I study these changes by focusing on visualisation in the context of accounting and management control.

Research aims

The aim of the research is to contribute to a better understanding of how visualisation and accounting interact in organisations, and to thereby improve practitioners’ and researchers’ “visual literacy”. I focus on the challenges that result when the “visual logic” is integrated in organisation’ management control and financial reporting activities.


I focus on three interrelated themes:

  • What do users do with visualisations in organisations?
  • What do visualisations do to organisations?
  • What can the way visualisations are used teach us about organisations?

Short facts


  • Master of Science in Business Administration, Linköping University 2010
  • Licentiate of Economics, Linköping University 2017


I teach at the Industrial Engineering and Management programme.

Management and IT

I am part of the Management and IT Research school.