Knowledge - production, value, decision-making, translation

Dr. Grankvist's research investigates the ethical, social, and policy aspects of translational clinical research of novel medical therapies and technologies, as well as how knowledge produced in one context becomes practice in another.

Grankvist’s research interests revolve in the intersection of scientific practices, science and technology studies, and ethics. She is especially interested in the ethical, social, and policy challenges in testing novel medical therapies and technologies in human beings, that is ‘translational clinical research’. She uses empirical qualitative methods to describe and analyze the emergence of new medical knowledge, therapies, and technologies. Current project is investigating risk, prediction, validity, and knowledge value across the trajectory of drug development.

In a new project she will – together with colleagues- broaden the horizon and study how research based scientific knowledge becomes practice. More precisely, how does knowledge produced in one context becomes practice in another, by investigating actors in so seemingly disparate professions as veterinarian pathologists, midwives in parental education, and occupational health providers.


Dr. Grankvist's teaching experience comes primarily from the interdisciplinary Environmental Science Program at the Department of Thematic Studies – Environmental Change at Linköpings University, where she was course coordinator for Environmental Science B between 2010-2012.  She have also taught occasional lectures and seminars as well as being supervisor at different programs and independent courses at Linköping University, ranging from undergraduate level to master level.







Hannah Grankvist (2010) Gene Therapy Encyclopedia of Science and Technology Communication

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