My most important investigative tool is the population based Scapis Linkoping cohort. The Swedish Cardiopulmonary BioImage Study was initiated to study the changing pattern of cardiovascular risk factors and the expression of subclinical and overt cardiopulmonary disease in a population sample.



Göran Bergström, Annika Rosengren, Elin Bacsovics Brolin, John Brandberg, Kerstin Cederlund, Gunnar Engström, Jan Engvall, Maria J. Eriksson, Isabel Gonçalves, Emil Hagström, Stefan K. James, Tomas Jernberg, Mikael Lilja, Martin Magnusson, Anders Persson, Margaretha Persson, Anette Sandström, Caroline Schmidt, Linn Skoglund Larsson, Johan Sundström, Eva Swahn, Stefan Söderberg, Kjell Torén, Carl Johan Östgren, Erik Lampa, Lars Lind (2023) Body weight at age 20 and in midlife is more important than weight gain for coronary atherosclerosis: Results from SCAPIS Atherosclerosis, Vol. 373, p. 46-54 Continue to DOI


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