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Jenny Wallhoff

Communications Officer

I work with Linköping University's brand and visual identity. If you have questions about branding strategies or LiU's graphic manual, please contact me.

Linköping University brand and graphic profile

LiU's brand strategy creates a common basis for all communication of LiU's operations. As part of the Brand Team, I work with the management and development of the brand strategy and visual identity.

How the Linköping University brand looks (logo, colors, fonts, visual language, etc.) is described in our graphic profile. I work continuously to improve, clarify, and strengthen its application. The graphic profile creates the possibility for uniform communication, which makes it easier for people and organisations outside LiU to recognise us and understand who we are.

I am employed in the Communications and Marketing Department and belong to the Brand and Events Unit. In my role, I work with brand-strengthening communication for both internal target groups within LiU and for external target groups. The type of contribution that is made is controlled based on needs and varies from being a sounding board to project management.

You can contact me for questions regarding the LiU brand and graphic profile. You can also send an email to to directly contact the entire Brand Team.

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