Spreading the word

At the Department of Thematic Studies, major societal issues are studied from an interdisciplinary perspective with the aim of increasing understanding and finding important solutions. Communication plays a significant role in spreading and increasing knowledge about these issues.

My role as a Communications Officer at TEMA is to proactively support management, researchers, and educational environments in communication matters and to work continuously with communication for the entire department. The goal is to strengthen the image of TEMA and LiU and to contribute to a positive societal development by publishing information about our education, research, and collaboration.

I am also part of the crisis management team at TEMA. My employment is at the Communications and Marketing Division.

My main tasks include

  • Developing communication plans and strategies
  • Writing informational texts and news articles
  • Editor work on liu.se and the intranet
  • Planning and creating content for social media
  • Photographing and filming
  • Creating graphic materials, digitally or in print.

Communication at TEMA

Jenny and Sandra is standing in front of a waterfall
Jenny Widén and Sandra Hummelgren Thor Balkhed

Let us help!

Are you working at TEMA? Let us help you with the communication!

We can, among other things, do the following:

  • Communication plans for research projects
  • Course descriptions
  • Websites on liu.se
  • Internal communication
  • News articles, and other texts
  • Photography and videography
  • Graphic design
  • Dissemination of information about events and activities


Email to kom@tema.liu.se.

My workplaces

Colleagues at the Website Management and Media Lab, KOM Division

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