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John Cederqvist

My research main focus is the connection between vascular disease and diabetes. Data derives from the SCAPIS study. The aim is to contribute to further knowledge about vascular disease and different risk factors.

The thoughts of a PhD-student

As a PhD-student I have an unique opportunity to learn from experienced scientists as the same time I gain more knowledge in the field of vascular disease and diabetes. Being a PhD-student is more than personal development, it's about being a part of something bigger, about social context and the possibility to contribute to the knowledge of tomorrow. 



John Cederqvist, Karin Rådholm, Iram Faqir Muhammad, Gunnar Engstrom, Jan Engvall, Carl Johan Östgren (2023) Arterial stiffness and subclinical atherosclerosis in the coronary arteries at different stages of dysglycaemia Diabetic Medicine, Vol. 40, Article e15102 Continue to DOI