Improved tools for assessing cardiovascular risk factors in patients with type 2 diabetes and in the general population

My research is primarily confined to two studies; Cardiovascular Risk factors in type 2 Diabetes - a Prospective cohort in primary care (CARDIPP) and the Swedish Cardiopulmonary Study (SCAPIS) where I have the role of principal investigator (PI) at Linköping University. In the CARDIPP cohort study the collection of data is completed and in SCAPIS the data collection is currently starting.

Research Project

Research Project



Katy J. L. Bell, Lamiae Azizi, Peter M. Nilsson, Andrew Hayen, Les Irwig, Carl Johan Östgren, Johan Sundrom

Prognostic impact of systolic blood pressure variability in people with diabetes


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Beata Borgström Bolmsjö, Sigvard Molstad, Martin Gallagher, John Chalmers, Carl Johan Östgren, Patrik Midlov

Risk factors and consequences of decreased kidney function in nursing home residents: A longitudinal study

In Geriatrics & Gerontology International

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Hanna Jonasson, Sara Bergstrand, Fredrik H Nystrom, Toste Länne, Carl Johan Östgren, Niclas Bjarnegård, Ingemar Fredriksson, Marcus Larsson, Tomas Strömberg

Skin microvascular endothelial dysfunction is associated with type 2 diabetes independently of microalbuminuria and arterial stiffness.

In Diabetes & Vascular Disease Research

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I am Medical Editor with the Journal of the Swedish Medical Association where I represent General Practice


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